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Growing up in rural Tennessee, I spent most of my time in nature, wandering through woods and fields. At home I loved helping to care for our family’s chickens, geese, ducks, goats, pigs, dogs and cats. I often played under a huge willow tree in our back yard. Perhaps my first art experience was marveling at the sunlight filtered through the leaves and the colors dancing before my eyes. I wrote little poems under that tree. I knew at a young age that art was my path. I studyed at various art schools, and took up painting. One of my teachers introduced his students to anthroposophy and awakened us to sense the living, breathing inwardness and depth in all true art. To see and experience life and art spiritually became my path from then on. It eventually led me to Switzerland to study with master artist, Beppe Assenza. His school was grounded in anthroposophy, Goethe’s Color theory, Rudolf Steiner’s color indications and the art of painting. After 4 years, I came back to the states near Hudson, New York to lead a painting training for 11 years. Life changes led me to Crestone, Colorado, a town filled with a wide spectrum of spiritual seekers. In Crestone, I give two August Art Retreats: August 11 to 15th and August 25 to 28th this year. Finallly, I have written a book for artists ‘An Artist’s Workbook’. This book consists of 45 painting exercises distilled from my many years of experience pursuing and teaching art. The book’s intent is to encourage one to try different approaches in order to stimulate an artistic imagination and creativity.